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Advantages of Scouring machine

First, the cost of washing is LOW. Washing is water as the main raw material, washing process to add some detergent, and dry cleaning is used and consumption of including four vinyl chloride and petroleum solvents and other dry cleaning agents.

Comparison: a ton of water more than a few yuan, and dry cleaning agent a kilo less on a few dollars.

Second, wash the washing force is high. Single from the water itself wetting effect is not as good as dry cleaning agent, but the solubility of water is strong, can be dissolved in a variety of surfactants as the main ingredient of the detergent, in the washing process to play the role of wetting, emulsification, foaming and other effects on the dirt have the ability to Remove.

But the dry cleaning agent can only dissolve in a small amount of surfactants.

Thirdly, washing is the most environmentally friendly. All promote green laundry, and is considered to be eco-washable washing is the most environmentally friendly compared to dry cleaning. Whether it's an oil dry cleaning machine or a fully enclosed four vinyl dry cleaning machine, It's a relatively old-fashioned dry cleaning machine that lowers some of the pollution targets because oil and four vinyl chloride are organic solvents, affecting both the environment and the human Body.

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