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Basic introduction of Priniting Machine

At home and abroad: printing machine is mainly divided into: heat transfer printing machine, digital printing machine (universal printer) flat screen printing machine and circular screen printing machine, walking Taiwan printing machine.

Universal Printer: is a "non-contact with the object" ink-jet printing high-tech Digital printing equipment, The current domestic universal printer manufacturers are from epson, Hewlett-Packard manufacturers such as the production of inkjet printers Converted. Because of its good printing effect and low price, color inkjet printer occupies a large number of low-end market. In addition, inkjet printers also have a more flexible paper processing capacity, in the choice of print media, inkjet printers also have some advantages: can print envelopes, stationery and other ordinary media, but also can print a variety of film, photo paper, CD cover, Roll paper, T-shirt transfer paper and other special MEDIA. therefore, the printer can be modified to print glass, PVC, wood and other materials, so it is called Universal printer.

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