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Performance comparison of Scouring machine

From the development of the washing room, people used to be the first semi-automatic washing machine, and later people in order to improve work efficiency, save costs, resulting in the emergence of automatic washing machine. The automatic washing machine brings a lot of convenience to People.

Today I will analyze the performance of these two models for YOU.

One: semi-automatic Semi-automatic washing machine is a long-lasting application of traditional washing equipment, more use of the upper side of the door structure, the drum using horizontal double-fulcrum operation, positive and negative automatic controller, belt drive mechanism, and so On. Single washing machine structure is simple, easy maintenance, failure rate is not high, and low price, but this type of washing machine covers a large area, can not be self-dewatering machine, so more labor-consuming.

There is also a lot of water consumption and detergent amount.

Two: fully Automatic Automatic washing machine is also known as automatic wash offline, this model overcomes the shortcomings and shortcomings of the function washing machine, realizes the washing and dehydration of the fabric to complete a machine, not only greatly reduce the recognized labor intensity, and in the same capacity washing machine to ensure the same wash effect, but also reduce the consumption of water and detergent dosage. The price of a single machine is the reason many bosses are reluctant to Invest. The parts on the automatic Washing-off line are not available anywhere, and must be made by manufacturers to Buy. So you have to choose a very good manufacturer is the key, hello look at their equipment quality, look at their service Attitude.

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