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What is embossing machine

Embossing machine is mainly used in a variety of fabrics embossing, pressure bubbles, creasing, pressure marks, but also in Non-woven fabric, coating, human leather, paper, Aluminum plate on the pressure of trademarks, imitation leather patterns and various shades of flower pattern, pattern. Ultrasonic embossing machine, also known as ultrasonic lace machine, is an efficient sewing, embossing Equipment. Mainly used for the sewing edge of synthetic fiber fabric, welding, melting, embossing, etc., processing products with good water tightness, high production efficiency, no needle and thread accessories, smooth cutting surface without burrs, feel good and so On. Widely used in apparel, toys, food, environmentally friendly non-woven bags, masks (cup masks, flat masks, stereo masks, etc.) and other Industries.

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