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Common Terms For Sueding Machine

1. Scrub: so that the fabric surface through the sanding roller on the sand skin, carbon fiber roller fiber and fabric friction, processing and the resulting fluff, so that the fabric feel, visual sense, The sense of hair has a great change.

2. Into the cloth: the fabric from the cloth car, a-word rack and so feed into the grinding machine.

The feeding system consists of a rack-fastening device, a suction edge device or a photoelectric medium.

3. The cloth: the wool-fine fabric leads to the grinding machine. The drop-off device consists of a drop frame or a reel frame.

4. Grinding Roller: is the most important part of the grinding machine, driven by the high-speed motor, the fabric surface processing, resulting in fluff. The size of the bag angle affects the style and weight of the hair, grinding roller core outsourcing (explants) sand skin, carbon fiber wire, ceramic Fiber wire, emery, etc., The formation of different types of grinding machine.

It is also possible to combine the different types of the mill rollers of the outsourced (explants) varieties together to form a combined grinding machine.

5. Press Roller: Adjust the wrapping angle of the roller by adjusting the pressure roller.

The pressing device consists of a pressure roller, a regulating lever and a motor.

6. Vacuum: The abrasive waste is sucked out by the blower and sent to the machine, maintaining the continuity of the bristles and the cleaning of the Fabric. suction, funnels, fan and the rear of the fan and other components of the dust System.

7. Electrical Control: through the electrical fabric to achieve the operation of control, adjust the operation of the roller, pressure (roller) tension control and process Storage.

8. Tension control: Control fabric tension by tension sensor, or elastic frame.

9. Dust-absorbing on the cloth: to remove the residual fluff on fabric surface, improve the quality of cloth.

10. Grinding Machine Type: According to the arrangement of the roller, erect vertical, horizontal arrangement for horizontal, circular arrangement for the planetary type. 11. Dry and wet grinding: Buganda for dry grinding and wet grinding for wet grinding.

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