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Shearing Machine Classification

Shearing machine can be divided into movable type and stationary type according to usage Mode. The former is suitable for the flow shearing in the vast pastoral area, the latter is suitable for the large pasture with relatively concentrated Herd.

According to the driving mode can be divided into mechanical, electric and pneumatic type 3. The mechanical type is suitable for the Non-power pastoral area, with the diesel engine, the gasoline engine or the tractor power output shaft drive, through the soft shaft or the joint shaft transmission device to drive several cutting head simultaneous Operation. Electrically actuated by a small motor through a soft or joint shaft drive, or by installing a miniature motor in a scissor handle, driven by a variable-speed gear, the Blades Operate. Pneumatic type is the use of compressed air mixed with lubricating oil, driving the motor in the cutting head handle, so that the moving blade reciprocating swing for Shearing.

The gas can not only lubricate and cool moving parts, but also blow away the sand and dirt in the blade or in wool, thus prolonging the service life of the Blades.

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