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Sueding Machine Operating Procedures

First, Wear tape Cloth

Find a strong and sufficient length of cloth tape, in accordance with the provisions of the correct through the equipment, when the lead band through the steam box and drying equipment, should pay special attention to safety, to avoid burns, wear distribution rollers should pay attention to whether in operation, to avoid abrasions.

Second, Connect Cloth will wear cloth with A-word car wrapped, according to the provisions of the designated into the area, and the cloth in the middle of the center of the machine Position. Adjust the tension handwheel. Make the cloth tension Moderate.

And distinguish between the front and back of the cloth, will be ground wool face down, and the cloth before and after leveling.

Third. adjusting the tension of the machine station

Adjust the machine movement equipment, pay attention to check the valve pressure, Pat clap cloth feel its tension, adjust the tension to Moderate.

Four, adjust the depth of the pressure cloth roller

The depth of the roller determines the amount of contact between the cloth and the grinding wheel, directly affecting the effect of the Wool.

(1) the more shallow the cloth roller, the smaller the contact surface of the cloth, the less Abrasive.

(2) the deeper the cloth roller, the larger the contact surface of the cloth, the more Abrasive.

Five, Grinding Roller Emery cloth selection According to the quality of the abrasive products provided by customers, choose emery Cloth for Finishing.

Typical Specifications (80,120,180,240,320,400,600)

(1) the finer particles of Emery cloth, that is, the larger the size, the shorter the more dense grinding hair.

(2) the thicker emery cloth particles, that is, the smaller the size, the longer the hair is more sparse.

(3) sanding wheel from the first to play the whole machine sand roller, can be affixed to different emery cloth, by coarse and thin.

Six, Start the scrub operation

(1) power-up

(2) will be out of the cloth wheel switch, washing trough switch, the control wheel switch, into the cloth wheel switch, dryer switch, open to the right automatic Position.

(3) turn the distribution wheel on and open to the right automatic Position.

(4) start the fan button to suck out the fluff on the Ground.

(5) determine the No1-all root grinding wheel operation direction, Adjust the Switch.

(6) start the whole motion Button.

(7) Adjust the guide wheel switch

(8) Adjust the speed of the guide wheel.

(9) Adjust the speed of the wheel and the host synchronization, maintain a certain tension to ensure the quality of Wool.

(10) Adjust the contact surface button to scrub the hair, depending on the degree of wool and quality requirements to Adjust.

Seven. inspection of the quality of the grinding wool

The length of the bristles, mainly depends on customer requirements, to achieve this demand, the main factors are as Follows:

(1) Quality of cloth

(2) pre-treatment such as desizing, stereotypes and good or bad.

can affect the quality of the Bristles.

(3) The adjustment of the machine itself, is the main factors, such as the speed of the cloth, the choice and arrangement of Emery cloth, fabric tension elastic, pressure cloth roller depth adjustment.

Eight. Handover and downtime

1, the processing of anomalies should be recorded in detail in the handover record, in order to track the improvement

2, Environmental finishing and the return of the cloth car.

3. Stop and drain all the water in the wash tank, close the valve, and the Power Switch.

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