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The Best Sueding Machine

There is no best grinding machine in the world, because the performance of a mill is suitable for all kinds of requirements, only suitable for the textile varieties you are selling now the mill is the Best.

However, regardless of the quality of the grinding separators must meet the following standards: (1) grinding products in line with your or Customer's requirements, uniform grinding (2) good dust absorption effect (3) easy to operate (4) less trouble (5) easy to Maintain.

How to choose sand or carbon (ceramic) fiber grinding particle size is the choice of the mesh number

The size of sand grains is arranged by coarse to thin: 80#,100#,120#,180#,240#,320#,400#,600#

Overall coarse sand grains (mesh Number code Small) fabric after the wool is longer, fine sand grain fabric after the wool is short and dense.

The shaving angle can not be too large, otherwise the fabric strength decreases greatly.

Ground wool base: paper-based sand, cloth, sand, carbon (ceramic) fiber, etc.

paper-based Sand skin: Low price, poor abrasion, Non-wet grinding, easy to Damp.

Cloth Sand skin: High price, good abrasion resistance, can be wet grinding.

Emery: the price is very high, wear resistance is very good, wet and dry grinding are available.

ceramic, Carbon fiber: similar performance, ceramic Expensive. Combine product cost, processing technology, textile style requirements and adaptability to select sand skin and carbon (ceramic) fibres or use Them.

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